Flea Markets Connecting to the World

SIM (Sapporo International Market) is a flea market-style community event held in Sapporo. It brings together handmade products from around the world and goods from overseas, providing a venue for cross-cultural exchange and interaction through the flea market platform.

Vendors, shops and goods from multiple countries!

SIM features vendors from around the world offering handmade items, sundries, crafts, sweets, and a variety of other products and services.

Connect through workshops and activities!

We provide opportunities for people to connect not only through flea markets, but also through workshops and activities.

Next Schedule

2023 . 7 . 23

10am - 3pm

Sapporo Community Plaza SCARTS Studio

Apply for Vendors

Sapporo International Market では、出店者を募集しています。
SIM is looking for vendors.

2023.7.23 (Sun) 10am - 3pm

SAPPORO SOSEI SQUARE 2F - Sapporo Community Plaza 2F SCARTS Studio

Application periods
1st periods : 2023.5.8 (Mon) - 2023.6.19 (Mon)

Registration Fee
Free to join!
※As a deposit, we kindly ask you to pay 1,000 yen in advance, and we will cash it back on the event day.

※We use "Heartful Price" system which allows participants to decide on the service fee themselves after event.
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Half Table Space - 半テーブルスペース

It can be used for various purposes such as selling handmade goods, overseas products, store sample products, etc.

Free Space - フリースペース

You can bring your own table or rack and use it for sales, exhibitions, or in various other ways.

Workshop Space - ワークショップスペース

It's a space where you can freely plan activities/workshops for children and adults such as craft, drawing, origami, English conversation, etc.

Exhibition panel - 展示用パネル

You can attach your own art pieces, photographs, posters, etc. to the panel and freely sell and exhibit them.

SIM's vendors


Looking for volunteers!

SIM is looking for volunteers.

2023.7.23 (Sun) 10am - 3pm

SAPPORO SOSEI SQUARE 2F - Sapporo Community Plaza 2F SCARTS Studio

Volunteer Overview
- Setting up event venue- 

- Sales support for vendors (providing explanations for vendors who cannot speak Japanese or English

- Interpreting support for visitors (supporting visitors who are having difficulty communicating)- 

- Operating community spaces (supporting visitors to enjoy the space)

- Marketing support until the day of the event

***Assignments will be based on language skills.

***Assign tasks will be within your capabilities.

Heartful Pricing System

“Heartful Price” system allows participants to decide on the service fee themselves. Our aim is to let everyone set an appropriate price based on their own life situation and how much they value the service. By removing any financial barriers, we hope to encourage people with diverse nationalities and backgrounds to join and interact with each other. The fees collected will go towards the operation of the service, and we hope to contribute to promoting multicultural coexistence in Sapporo.


“Nishiki” is first international Yosakoi Team in Sapporo! Practicing is only for 3 hours at your home through online, and be able to enjoy from kids to adults with all nationality.




SIM's Vision

Promotion of Multicultural Coexistence in Sapporo

Bonding Among Foreign Nationals

Many foreign nationals living in Sapporo feel lonely and often belong to limited communities such as their family, country, or company. Through the process of creating events together, an international community is established.

Mutual Understanding between the Locals and Foreign Nationals

Many of the locals belong to limited communities only among Japanese and have limited exposure to foreign cultures and personalities. We provide a place for casual communication with foreign nationals and opportunities for mutual understanding.

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